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The CenterPoint Energy Electric Mobile Outage Tracker provides approximate locations of current outages. Estimated outage locations are displayed as triangles. Colors correspond to the number of customers estimated to be without power in the vicinity of the triangle.

Quick Reference:

Pinching out on a triangle will zoom in on that area. Moving the finger over the triangle and taping on it to perform Identify will cause a pop-up display to appear showing the estimated number of customers without power in the vicinity of the outage. Outage estimates are refreshed every 15 minutes. Please see below for more detailed help on how to use CNP Mobile Outage Tracker iOS application.



For outage-related questions or to report an outage, please contact our Customer Service line at 713-207-2222.

For technical problems downloading or installing the CNP Outage application on your device, please email gissupportdesk@centerpointenergy.com for assistance.



Toolbar Control


Follow Me


Changing the Map View


Identifying Features


Using Searches

I.           Toolbar Control

The toolbar is used for navigation, option toggles, and to access functions with their own screens. The toolbar options vary depending on what functionality is in the current map configuration. The following options exist: 

       - Gives the user a list of searches 

       - Allows the user to set the Map Scheme 

       - Zooms to the map's initial extent   

       - Refreshes the map

       - The Follow Me function allows you to access the "Where Am I" feature.  Where Am I uses your device's GPS to track your current position on the map.  As you move around, the map indicator will automatically update to show your current location. To enable Where Am I, open the menu and select “Map Overlays”. This will bring up a screen that will allow you to turn Where Am I on. Click the Show button to enable Where Am I and to return back to the map. Once Where Am I has been enabled, the GPS device will start searching for satellites. The status of this including the number of satellites and accuracy will be displayed in a bar on the top of the screen. Once the GPS device has a location fix, the Map Viewer will center on the location. If Follow Me has been enabled, then the Map Viewer will re-center on the GPS location when it goes off screen.

II.       Follow Me

If enabled for this map, Follow Me enables the display of your location on the map. To turn on Follow Me, tap the follow me button on the tool bar


As soon as Follow Me can find your location, the map will zoom to your location, and a marker will be placed on the map to show where you are. If Follow Me detects that your location has changed, the map will pan to your location and the location of the marker on the map will move to your location. To have the map no longer follow your location, pan the map. To have the map start following your location again, tap the Follow Me button on the tool bar. To turn off Follow Me, tap the Follow Me button on the tool bar.

III.    Changing the Map View  

If enabled for this map, changing the visible layers allows different information to be displayed on the map. To change the visible layers, click on the layers button on the tool bar.


This will cause a screen to display that allows the layers to be turned on and off in the application. Make the desired changes, then tap the Save button to apply them.

IV.      Identifying Features 

If enabled for this map, to get more information about a map feature, tap on that feature (e.g. Power Outage Triangles). If more information can be found for the area that you tapped on, an information pop up window will be displayed.


If there are more items in the list of items found at that location than can fit in the pop up window, the list can be dragged up and down to scroll it. Once you find the item in the pop up window that you want to know more about, tap on that item to display detailed information about it.

V.         Using Searches 

If enabled for this map, to start a search, click on the search button on the tool bar. A list of different searches will then be displayed in the application.


Tap on one of them to bring up the inputs for that search. Fill out the inputs as needed, and then tap on the Search button to run the search and display a list of results.


If enabled, a related feature can be zoomed to on the map by tapping on the item in the result list. If you wish to see more information about an item in the list, tap on the icon on the right hand side of the row.